Allegheny manufactures a complete line of bucket elevators. In addition to standard models, our engineers have designed many special units. These include capacities up to 400 STPH of material at 100 lbs per cubic foot.

With drives up to 100 horsepower and pulley centers up to 110 feet you will have the raw power you need to get the job done. We make our equipment solid for the toughest jobs including high temperature service up to 1200 F. All models include a  fixed boot pulley and head take-up.

The options we offer feel limitless, we offer access ladders and platforms. Choose from steel, aluminum and stainless steel casings, as well as steel plastic and cast metal elevator buckets. 

Our standard centrifugal discharge type belt elevators are available with easy access maintenance, five service doors (swivel / clamp type), lagged head pulley, light weight split hood or a single piece hood

Our wing type steel boot pulley assembly is designed to be removed in minutes to save you time, and of course all of our components are made heavy duty. We do everything we can to limit time in maintenance and when it is needed, we do all we can to save you time.

All units are equipped with TEFC Motor, shaft mount reducer with built in backstop. Pulley outfits include alloy steel shafts roller nearing pillow and take-up blocks.

Centrifugal bucket elevators are used when there is a need to move free-flowing material quickly. This design is best used for your tough applications. Handles material well from small to medium lump size

Continuous bucket elevators are used when there is a need for minimizing product degradation and where higher capacities and higher shaft centers are required. They operate at lower speeds to avoid breakage of fragile and brittle material. Handles material from light to heavy.

A series of buckets attached to a rotating belt or chain to transfer material vertically as compared to a belt conveyor, which is limited to lower angles of incline, therefore require more space

In addition to Standard models, our Engineers have designed many special units including:

  • Capacities up to 400 STPH of material @ 100 lbs/cuft.
  • Drives up to 100 hp.
  • Pulley Centers up to 110 ft.
  • High Temperature Service up to 1200 F.
  • Fixed Boot Pulley & Head Take-up.
  • Counterweight Take-ups Internal & External Types