Allegheny Manufacturing is committed to quality and innovation in bulk handling systems and size reduction equipment. We offer industrial machinery services, which include custom designs and builds suited for your particular needs.

We can help you with process design, providing process flow sheets, and GA layouts. We also work in testing and lab evaluations, don’t worry about quality, from design to the door we test with the highest standards.

We are committed to being familiar with your specifications so all of your technical proposals and complex technical issues are handled by us, because we are already so familiar with your systems we can manage the project as well as act as client liaison. 

Engineering, fabrication, assembly, in house logistics, and surface preparation are all just a part of what we can offer. 

Bulk Handling Systems Engineering Services:

  • Plant Process Evaluations 
  • Bulk Handling/Process Optimization
  • Storage and Feed Solutions
  • Complete Process Design and Supply
  • OEM Design Collaborations
  • Analytical Testing and Evaluations 
  • Size Reduction Analytical Testing
  • In House/OEM Laboratory
  • 3D Modeling
  • Presentations
  • Budget Docs
  • Tender Docs
  • Project Management